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Wishbone Brewery

Adrian Chapman the brewer at Wishbone Brewery in Keighley has agreed to supply the 2016 Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival with ‘Bandit’, an American Pale Ale. The beer is described as a citrusy, hoppy, easy drinking summer session ale which is packed full of flavour. This beer recently appeared at the 2016 Great British Beer Festival and is one of Wishbone Brewery’s most popular ales.

Small World Beers

Dave Hill, the brewer at Small World Beers in Shelley, Huddersfield, has agreed to supply the 2016 Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival with a cask of the brewery’s award winning Thunderbridge Stout (5.2%). This traditionally dry stout incorporates roasted barley and is balanced with chocolate malt for slight sweetness. It is brewed with natural spring water and Challenger hops.

Hey's Gold

It is almost 50 years since J. Hey & Co. Ltd; Northbrook Brewery, Wilson Square, Lumb Lane, Bradford was acquired by S. Webster & Sons Ltd. Kathryn Hey is a descendent of the former brewer Joseph Hey and has commissioned a beer which is currently being brewed by Darren Marks, the Head Brewer at Bingley Brewery. The Hey Brewery recipes unfortunately have not survived, but it is known that Saaz hops were used by Hey’s Brewery. The beer that Darren is brewing is Hey’s Gold (4.2%) which utilises Golden Promise malt and 5% pale crystal malt. The hops being used are East Kent Goldings and a late hopping of East Kent Goldings and Saaz for extra aroma. Currently the plan is to brew Hey’s Gold in a small batch of 12-15 9 gallon casks. This beer will probably be a limited edition and is a beer that is not to be missed at the Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival..

Brunswick Brewing Company

James Salmon the brewer at Brunswick Brewing Company Ltd in Derby has agreed to supply one of his core beers for the 2016 Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival. The beer, Railway Porter (4.3%), is described as a ‘black and lightly hopped old style English porter, very easy drinking with coffee notes and slight spices flavours at the finish’. The name of the beer obviously fits in well with this year’s railway theme. We would like to thank James for re-arranging his other deliveries to ensure we receive the beer on time and for being prepared to transport the nine cask 92 miles from the Derby brewery to Hebden Bridge.

TigerTops Brewery

Barry Smith the brewer of Tigertops Brewery in Wakefield is brewing a brand new beer for our Festival. The beer is Union Pacific (around 4.9%) which is said to be ‘a golden ale brewed using a range of New Zealand and American West Coast hops’. The strength is not certain because the beer hasn’t been brewed yet (now 8/8/2016), but Barry assures us that it will be ready in time for our Festival. The name of the beer, and the fact that it is new, has attracted us to it as Union Pacific is the biggest American trans-continental railroad company and this fits in well with our railway theme. (Web site courtrsy of Wakefield CAMRA)

Bridestones Brewing

Dan Tasker, at Bridestones Brewery, Blackshawhead, Hebden Bridge has agreed to brew a railway special for the 2016 Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival. The ale will be called ‘Platelayer's Vanilla Porter’ and will have an ABV around 6%. Only one 9 cask of this beer will be available from this brew as the rest will be bottled. Members of the Beer Festival Team will be involved in the production of this beer. As ‘Platelayer's Vanilla Porter’ is an exclusive, you are advised to sample the beer at the Festival as this will be your only opportunity to taste it.

Mallinsons Brewing Company

Following negotiations with Tara and Elaine at Mallinsons Brewing Company Ltd in Huddersfield, it has been agreed that a special Mallinsons railway-themed ale will be brewed to commemorate 175 years of the Calder Valley Line. The beer will be called ‘Hop on Board’ and will be 4.5%, but all other details are a closely guarded secret.

Blue Bee Brwerey

Tara and Elaine (from Mallinsons) will also source another of our festival beers from Josh the brewer at Blue Bee Brewery in Sheffield. The beer, Blue Bee Ginger Beer, is described as a ‘fiery ginger pale’.

Halifax Steam Brewing Company

Hogs Head Brew House

Elland Brewery

1872 Porter (6.5%), by Elland Brewery, will be available at the Festival and hardly needs an introduction. It was the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 2013 and has been the National Winter Ales Champion on three occasions. It is arguably the most decorated beer in recent British brewing history and is served at beer festivals throughout the land. We would like to thank Mike Hiscock and Steve Francis for providing this cask and for donating a second. The second cask, White Prussian (3.9%), is a crisp, clean and refreshing beer made from lager malt and German hops. It has a fruity flavour with a floral, spice and citrus aroma.

Landlord's Friend Brewery

Local brewer Chris Holroyd will be supplying the Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival 2016 with probably his best known beer, ‘Mr Smith’. The beer is named after a former drinker in the Kershaw House Inn, Luddendenfoot, has an ABV of 3.7% and is a tawny coloured traditional session bitter. The beer is only available from two outlets in Calderdale and is occasionally available in pubs in other parts of the country.

Little Valley Brewery

Stod Fold Brewing Company

Slightly Foxed Brewing Co.

Vocation Brewery

Half Moon Brewery

Following discussions at the York City of Ale Beer Festival on the 16th July 2016, the brewer (Tony Rogers) of Half Moon Brewery at Ellerton, York has agreed to brew a special railway-themed beer for the Calderdale Festival. The beer will be named 'Hopwart's Express' after the train in Harry Potter movies and will be based on Half Moon Brewery's popular Lunar Pale Ale (5.5%).

Barefaced Beer Company

We are proud to announce that we will be serving a brand new beer from a brand brewery at the Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival 2016. You’ll never have seen it or tried it before. The brewery is Barefaced Beer Company from Golcar, Huddersfield and the beer is Black Cardamom Ale (4.4%). The brewer, Jack Pickering, said that it’s ‘a light brown beer that goes down very well with everyone who tries it. It’s very much a beer with some spice in it’

Goose Eye Brewery

Dave Atkinson the brewer at Goose Eye Brewery in Ingrow, Keighley has agreed to supply the 2016 Calderdale Beer and Cider Festival with a 9 of the brewery’s very popular Over and Stout (5.2%). The beer is described as ‘an excessively dark stout, strong in content and strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the dead’. This beer is certainly going to be very popular with all stout connoisseurs.

The brewers that we will be ordering from for the Festival – some brewing beers appearing for the first time or that have been specially produced. See the Beer list_03  for details

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The Beer List can be found here (at the moment it is a work in progress)

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